Pet Training

After installing your customized pet fence, training is the next step to ensure that your pet can fully experience the freedom of his yard. This includes establishing the outdoor boundaries by introducing him to the flags and the static correction on his collar designed specifically for the hidden fence. Through time and repetition, we are able to gently show your pet where he can and cannot go. The ultimate goal is for your pet to be contained safely and happily within the yard.

Step one: Introduction to fence

  •  Proper training is very important, so we will customize each training session to your pet’s personality, temperament, and breed. In step 1 of training, we will introduce your dog to the flags in your yard that represent his hidden boundaries; this first part of the process will include showing your dog that every time he goes near the flags, he will hear a beeping noise. We gently teach and reward your pet when he retreats from the boundary line. In this session, we familiarize your pet with the flags on your property with lots of practice and repetition. It is important to reward your pet with treats when he retreats from the flag lines.


Step two: Introduction to correction

  •  In step 2 of training, we will show your pet that when he now approaches the flags, he will experience a mild correction, which will teach him to retreat from his hidden boundaries. The correction may startle your dog,and we will adjust his collar accordingly to ensure that it doesn’t hurt him. Your pet will learn that by ignoring his warning beep and going near his hidden boundaries, he will experience this mild correction. We will then customize the correction to your pet’s personality and temperament.


Step three: Testing your pet and removing the leash

  •  In step three, we want to make sure that your pet will be contained in his hidden boundaries by showing him where his safe areas are and where they are not. This may include turning up his static correction and tempting him with treats. Your pet will continue to experience the correction and will be rewarded when he retreats from the flags in your yard that represent his hidden boundaries. At this point we will remove his leash and allow him to experience that safety and freedom of the yard.
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At Pet Containment Services, we install custom underground pet fences in Southeast, MI to keep your pet safely contained. Michigan pet owners can now save thousands compared to other electric pet fence companies. Every pet and home is unique, so our professionals install a customized underground pet fence to fit your pet’s needs outdoors, and even have special units for indoors, as well. Our trainers then gently introduce your pet to his new boundaries and ensure that he will be safely contained in the yard. Our indoor units help you keep your furry friend away from areas inside that need to be “Pet-Free”. The Service technicians at Pet Containment Services are professionally trained and can troubleshoot and repair any problems you are having with your existing hidden pet fence. Contact Pet Containment Services for a free quote on a new electric pet fence or to schedule a service call!
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