Common Invisible Pet Fence Installation

Wire in installed as a complete loop around the perimeter of the yard. The transmitter, or control panel, is placed in a convenient location such as the garage or basement. The transmitter then emits a signal through the wire in the yard. This signal is then picked by a small receiver on your pets collar. The receiver then emits an audible warning or a gentle static correction which is customized to your fit pet’s temperament, personality and breed.

No. we use the latest technology to install the wire 4-5 inches deep.  This can be adjusted according to the terrain.

Yes. Our experienced technicians are able to install the boundary wire in lakes or through creeks to keep your pet in shallow water only or out of the water completely.

Yes! Our installers take great care of yards with sprinkler systems. Each individual sprinkler head is carefullt marked and located before any installing begins.

There are different methods depending on what type driveway/sidewalk (Brick pavers, cement, asphalt, gravel). Our professionals determine which method is best suited for you

Before any work is done in your yard, MISS DIG is called to properly mark all of your underground utilities. This in ensures against any temporary loss of any utility services.

Common Pet Training Q and A

We customize each training session to fit your pets needs and personality. The perimeter line is marked with flags to represent the invisible boundaries. We gently and patiently teach your pet that going near these flags will result in an audible warning and then a mild static correction. Through time and repetition your pet becomes more aware of his invisible boundaries and becomes safely contained in your yard.

No. Before the static correction there is an audible warning to give your pet time to retreat from his invisible boundaries.

Service Q and A

Call and request a service appointment. Our technicians will do a thorough evaluation of your entire invisible pet fence including test your pets collar at the invisible boundary, testing any of your indoor units, and making any repairs to the underground fence that are necessary.

Yes! Give us a call at 248-444-1255 and we will come out and install new boundary wire, reflag your new property, and reintroduce your pet to his new invisible pet fence. Sometimes this can mean

Schedule a service appointment for a service technician to do a full evaluation and make sure your system is up to date and there are no breaks in your invisible pet fence. This can include flagging your invisible barrier wire and training your pet to the flags around his new home.

Yes. Your old receiver will need to be reprogrammed to fit your new puppy to ensure he is getting the proper correction. We recommend a puppy be at least 8 weeks old before beginning training with our certified trainers. Call us at 248-444-1255 to schedule an appointment with our certified trainers.

Yes! Cats can be easily trained to the invisible barrier in the yard and to the indoor instant barriers. The receiver weighs only 2 oz and can be customized to fit your cats personality and temperament. Call and schedule an appointment with our professional pet trainers to ensure your pets are safely kept on your property.

Invisible Barrier Q and A

Yes! Our Instant Barriers work both indoors and outdoors to ensure that your pet keeps out of:

  • Garbage Cans
  • Kitchen table
  • Furniture
  • Gardens
  • Pools

Our Instant Barriers were designed to be as subtle and discreet as possible. The units are wireless and easily fit underneath any tight spot and seamlessly blend into any garden that you would like to prevent your pet from being in.

Yes. Each receiver is customized to fit your pet’s personality and size so that they get the proper correction. You can allow one pet into a room while blocking another. Or allow one pet onto the couch while keeping the other pet away. The possibilities are end less.



At Pet Containment Services, we install custom underground pet fences in Southeast, MI to keep your pet safely contained. Michigan pet owners can now save thousands compared to other electric pet fence companies. Every pet and home is unique, so our professionals install a customized underground pet fence to fit your pet’s needs outdoors, and even have special units for indoors, as well. Our trainers then gently introduce your pet to his new boundaries and ensure that he will be safely contained in the yard. Our indoor units help you keep your furry friend away from areas inside that need to be “Pet-Free”. The Service technicians at Pet Containment Services are professionally trained and can troubleshoot and repair any problems you are having with your existing hidden pet fence. Contact Pet Containment Services for a free quote on a new electric pet fence or to schedule a service call!
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