Invisible Fence Installation Service, Novi, MI

Pet Containment Services LLC has been helping pet owners across Novi, MI, attain peace of mind with the state-of-the-art invisible fence technology.

Your pet is an important part of your family, and with our invisible fence system you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind about the safety of your pet.

We at Pet Containment Services LLC have personally tested all types and brands of invisible units available in the market and have selected only the high quality products to recommend to our customers. It doesn’t matter if you have tiny Poodles or a group of German Shepherds, we’ll work with you to custom-design the best hidden fence, unique to you and your pet’s needs.

We will install your invisible fence and train your pet to know and respect his boundary. From installation to training, you can count on our superior customer service, where you’ll always deal with people who care about you and your pet. We also provide thorough literature on training them yourself. Either way, training your dog correctly will result in quick, everlasting results.

All our methods used are proven safe and effective, warranties are offered and we have so many design variants to be executed by 100% premium factory trained installers. We specialize in new installations, repairing old systems, and training your pets.

A traditional fence isn’t reliable, dogs dig under them, jump over them, and run away through open gates. Even when you have a physical fence, an invisible pet fence can still be used for double protection. Pet Containment Services invisible fence stand out from other dog fence brands. We design a custom boundary that will keep your pet out harm’s way and safe at home.

Pet Containment Services LLC also specializes in the repairs of any invisible fence system, even if it wasn’t installed by us. We execute repair services for wire breaks, surfacing wires, transmitter troubles, etc.

You can often detect when you may need to repair your hidden fence, if you notice blinking or beeping of the collar and or the control panel. If you have discovered that your underground invisible fence has a single or multiple wire breaks, our experienced technicians can fix the break or re-wire your yard, depending on the severity of the issue.

Your maximum satisfaction, your pet’s safety, and well-being are our topmost priorities! Call us today for the best invisible or hidden dog fence installation and repair in Novi, Michigan.

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Invisible fence installation Novi

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Invisible fence install Novi

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New system install in Novi

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At Pet Containment Services, we install custom underground pet fences in Southeast, MI to keep your pet safely contained. Michigan pet owners can now save thousands compared to other electric pet fence companies. Every pet and home is unique, so our professionals install a customized underground pet fence to fit your pet’s needs outdoors, and even have special units for indoors, as well. Our trainers then gently introduce your pet to his new boundaries and ensure that he will be safely contained in the yard. Our indoor units help you keep your furry friend away from areas inside that need to be “Pet-Free”. The Service technicians at Pet Containment Services are professionally trained and can troubleshoot and repair any problems you are having with your existing hidden pet fence. Contact Pet Containment Services for a free quote on a new electric pet fence or to schedule a service call!
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